The board of trustees

The Salisbury Street Foundation has been established as a registered charitable trust, and under its constitution is governed by a board of trustees consisting of up to 12 members. Board members are all volunteers and receive no remuneration for their services. Recruitment to the board is by invitation, and each member’s tenure is reviewed by the board every three years. The board elects a chairman who organises meetings and liaises with the director, and a treasurer who is responsible for oversight of the accounts. The board meets once a month and board members are encouraged to have dinner with the residents on meeting night in order to maintain currency with them. In addition, every week the director prepares a brief of SSF events, which is emailed to each board member. Board members are able to visit the Merivale address at any time, by arrangement with the director.

 In inviting new membership, the board selects motivated people from the local community with specific  skills that are beneficial to its business. The SSF Board of trustees currently is:

Rob Davidson, Solicitor, member since 1995.

Anne Elstob, Secondary School Teacher, member since 2008.

Dr Edith Devonish, member since 2002.

Steve Eaton, Prison Unit Manager, member since 2003. SSF offers reintegration with real life challenges and behaviours supported and challenged by SSF staff and peers. It is safe for the client and the community and gives each person the best opportunity if they want to take it. I enjoy seeing the change in personalities and their enjoyment and appreciation of life's simple pleasures during Board meetings. For some I see their full journey as they enter the Prison system and exit through SSF and it is great when they do well.

John Howard, Child Youth and Family manager, member since 1998. (Chair of Board).

Professor Greg Newbold, member since 1989. Greg newbold is a Professor of Sociology at University of Canterbury. A former prison inmate who served a 7.5 year sentence for seling drugs in the 1970's, he has published 7 books and more than 70 scholarly articles on crime, criminal justice and corrections. As one of New Zealand's leading criminologists, he is frequently consulted as an advisor to government agencies and to the courts.

Judge Chris Somerville, member since 1996. (Treasurer)

Andrew Ross,Police Officer, member since 2011. During my years in the  Police, I have observed that rehabilitation and re-integration programs for people who have spent considerable time in prison, is critical for their success in not re-offending and for them to be able to contribute to a safe and productive society. The cost to society of re-offending is high, and the work that the staff do through the SSF program to address re-integration issues is highly commendable and is a very worthwhile cause with significant community benefits.


Salisbury Street Foundation Board of Trustees

Left to right: Prof Greg Newbold, Rob Davidson, Dr Edith Devonish,Steve Eaton, Anne Elstob, Judge Chris Somerville, John Howard (Chair), absent - Andrew Ross 

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