Resident recruitment

Salisbury St’s primary client base is the prison inmate who is normally referred to the program by the department of Corrections Parole Board as a condition of parole. The program caters only for males. Occasionally the program also accepts persons referred directly from the courts under residential supervision orders. Although all age groups and offending types are catered for, the typical Salisbury St resident is a multiple recidivist in his late 20s or 30s, completing a lengthy prison term for violence. However at any time the resident complement  will include men who are  low risk  multiple recidivists through to men completing life sentences. The board also negotiates ad hoc contracts with the Department of Corrections for individual management of high-risk or high-profile inmates.

 Salisbury St accepts referrals from all New Zealand prisons. Prisoners wishing to be considered for Salisbury St make contact with the Director either personally or through an agent(such as prison case manager or probation officer), who then sends out an application form and an information pack. Files of applicants are reviewed in conjunction with the probation service. Factors such as age, health, offending history, prison misconducts, security status, evidence of ongoing drug use, parole eligibility, external supports, and prison program enrolments, are considered. If judged potentially suitable, a request is made for the inmate to be placed permanently or temporarily in either Rolleston or Christchurch Prison for personal assessment by Community Probation and SSF. If found to be acceptable prima facie, SSF then applies to the prison authorities for the inmate to attend the program on day parole. Day parolees are transported to SSF in the morning in a prison van. They participate in the day program for a minimum of four days and are returned by SSF at night. Approximately two-thirds engage sufficiently with SSF’s philosophy and objectives for a request to be made to the parole board for release to the house. If release is granted, clients are deemed still to be serving their prison sentences until full discharge is granted by the parole board or their sentences expire. They can be returned to prison at any time. The minimum period of residency at SSF is six months but the optimal period is 12 months.

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