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The recreation component of the program involves a structured series of three-monthly blocks of kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking and tramping. Part of this involves bike trips and guided expeditions into the mountains lasting several days. All residents regularly attend a local gymnasium and some play in local sports teams.


As clients progress towards the end of the program, they are encouraged to begin thinking about obtaining paid employment. Once they have attained Green status, staff assist clients in searching and applying for jobs or in seeking further education. When employment is secured a client may continue to work from the house or may move into one of the Manchester St flats, where supported accommodation for a nominal rental of $105 a week including power, is charged. Some Green status clients are invited to move into the flats before they begin work and continue to participate in the day program. The flats are managed by SSF staff, with each resident subject to an individual program and written rules. Possession of alcohol at the flats is prohibited. Eventually all residents return to life in the wider community. 


Once their sentences are complete, residents are free to leave Salisbury St at any time. However they are encouraged not to do so until the director feels they are adequately prepared for life on the outside. Many opt to continue with the program after sentence expiry; others remain after program completion if they feel uneasy about coping with external social pressures. Occasionally, departed clients voluntarily return to the program when life becomes difficult and they feel the pressure to re-offend.


The Salisbury St program offers graduation status to residents who excel within it and become role models to others. Residents who graduate will have engaged fully with the ethos and objectives of the program, will have displayed general leadership ability, and will be assessed, in the eyes of the director, as unlikely to reoffend. Standards required for graduation are high and fewer than half a dozen clients graduate in any year. Graduation ceremonies are held on meeting nights with residents, staff, the board of trustees, and visitors in attendance. The ceremony involves brief accolades and congratulations from the board, staff, and residents, and presentation of a framed certificate followed by a meal.         

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