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New Staff Member:

Salisburt Street Foundation warmly welcomes staff member Greg Kyle back to join the team. Greg has an extensive knowledge of the SSF program and ethos and considerable experience working with men who are working through reintegration issues. Greg has also supplemented his professional knowledge through his  work for the STOP program, and SSF welcomes Greg's energy and passion that he brings to the program. Greg supplied the following :

Hi my name is Greg Kyle. I first started working as a social worker at SSF after completing my social work qualification at Christchurch Polytech in 1999.I initially spent four years working at SSF before leaving to travel overseas. This gave me an opportunity to gain a variety of different experiences both personal and professional. I have always had a desire to take on another role as a social worker at SSF and started in my new role on the 2nd of May 2012.


House Update:

Salisbury Street Foundation, like most of Christchurch, has not been immune from damage as a result of the earthquakes. However, the Director Lyn Voice with the help of staff and residents have managed to keep the two facilities operational throughout. With the expert help of builder Gary Waites the properties have been re-decorated and modernised and have never looked better. Whilst there are ongoing issues, especially with external work still to be negotiated, the facilities offer a modern, safe and homely atmosphere that is envied and enjoyed by clients of SSF.






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